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Looking for laser checks, laser forms, continuous checks or continuous forms?  We have laser checks, laser forms, and continuous checks and  continuous forms for over 2,500 software programs. If you do not see your software package in this software compatibility guide, please contact us for more information at (800) 395-3676. Customer service is here to help you.

Business Forms to fit the folllowing software packages; (This List is in Alphabetical Order)

Laser Business Checks and Business Forms - Continuous Business Checks and Business Forms

ABS Data Systems
Accounting Plus (Software Dimensions)
"Accountmate" (Sourcemate)
Accountmate (Ver. 2) (Sourcemate)
Accountmate (Ver. 3) (Sourcemate)
Accpac BPI Accountig
AccPac Advantage Series
Accpac Easy (Computer Associates)
Accpac Plus (Computer Associates)
Accpas Plus (DOS)
AccPac for Windows
AccPac Pro Series
AccPac Visionpoint
Adacom Systems
ADC Associates
ADS (Automated Data Sytems)
Advance Business Computing Corp.
Advance Business Services
Advanced Computer Service
Adventure International (Maxi Accountant)
Adventure International (Maxi Cras)
Agency Computer Sytems, Inc.
A-K Computers
Alternative Software
Altos "Accountant"
Altos "Accountant" Level III
Ameriacn Business Systems "BACS"
American Data, Inc.
Apple II "Controller"
Apple "Lisa" (with BPI)
Apple "Lisa" (with Open Systems)
Applewest, Inc.
Applied Business Software
Applied Software Technology (MA)
Applied Systems (Agency Manager)
Armor-Excalibur Series
Armor-Excalibur Plus & Excalibur Premium.
Ask Micro
BACS (American Business Systems)
Balcones Computer Corporation
BCS Associates
Bestware "MYOB"
Bi-Tech Enterprises
Biss, Inc.
BPI Systems, Inc.
BPI Accounting
BPI Accointing II (AccPac) Boulder Design Systems
Broadt Computer
Broderbund Software
Business Data Control Systems
Business Library 2.0
Business Library 2.1, 3.1
Business Library 4.0
Business Programmer Services
Business Works
Byte Automation Software
C & S Research Corporation
Cal-Bay Software Corporation
Canon (MBA)
Cape Cod Computer
CCI Software
CDS Corporation
Centurion Computer Corporation
Champion Software (All Versions through 93.09)
Champion - Controller Accounting 9.0 - 11.0
Chang Laboratories "Rags to Riches"
Chuck Atkinson Programs
CMA Microcomputer
CNC Service Center, Inc.
Commodore 65 Integrated Accounting Series
Commodore 64 BAS
Commodore 8032 BAS
Commodore B Series BAS
Commodore Plus 4 Accounting
Compumax Associates, Inc.
Computer Associates "ACCPAC BPI" & CA-BPI Accounting III (ALL Vsn)
Computer Associates "Easy Business Systems"
Computer Associates (IUS - Sorcim)
Computer Center, The
Computer House
Computer Research, Inc.
Computer Resources, Inc.
Computerware, Inc.
Computhink - Minimax I & II
Continental Software "The Home Accountant"
Continental Software "CPA" Series
Convalescent Business Systems
Coppella & Associates
Corporate Computer Services
Cougar Mountain (Act 1, 2, 4)
Cougar Moumtain for Windows
Countryside Data
CP Aids
CSI Software
CYMA (version 2.0 & 3.0), Professional, Series & Shoebox Accounting
CYMA Accounting For Windows
CYMA IV Accounting For Windows
CYMA Not For Profit
CYMA Small Business Edition
DAC Easy (7" depth)
DacEasy (11" depth)
DAC Easy (Ver. 4.0, 4.1, 4.2)
DAC Easy (Ver. 4.3, 4.4, 5.0 normal print)
DAC Easy (Ver. 4.3, 4.4, 5.0 condensed print)
DAC EASY (Vsn. 6.0 - 7.0)
DacEasy (Vsn. 4.4 - Higher)
DacEasy Accounting for Windows thru Vsn.13.0
DacEasy Accounting 8.0 - 10.0 (Dos)
DacEasy Accounting & Payroll
Dakin - 5
Data Access Management Service
Data Base Research
Data Care
Data Management Systems, Inc.
Data Solutions (CA)
Data Solutions (OH)
Data Train (Thoughtware Publishing)
Datamax, Inc.
Davis - Lane Company
DB Software
Deluxe Checks
Deluxe Checks and Forms
Designer Software
Dollars & Sense (Monogram)
Douthett Enterprises, Inc. "Gold Software"
Durango Computer, Inc.
Dynabyte "Business Manager"
Dynamic Software Systems
Dynamics (Microsoft Business Solutions)
eEnterprise (Microsoft Business Solutions)
EDP Business Systems, Inc.
Epicom, Inc.
Excalibur Series (Armor)
Excalibur Plus (Armor)
Expertise (Microsoft Business Solutions)
FBS Systems, Inc. "Secretary of Agriculture"
FD Systems, Inc.
Fedder Software
Feith Systems & Software, Inc.
Financial Information Systems
Fortune Systems
Fox Computer Systems
Functional Solutions, Inc.
GOCI Software
Great American Software "One Write Plus"
Great Plains Accounting Series
Great Plains Dynamics
Great Plains eEnterprise
Great Plains Small Business Manager
Great Plains Software (Ver. 1.0)
Great Plains Software (Ver. 2.0)
Great Plains Software (Ver. 3.0)
Great Plains Software (Ver. 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 6.1)
Great Plains Software (Ver. 7.0, 8.0)
Great Plains Software (Hardisk Accounting Series Ver. 3)
Great Plains Software (Plains & Simple)
Griffith Data Services
Groundstar Software
Guardian Automated Systems
H & E Computronics "Versa Business Forms"
Haland Data Systems
Hansco Data Processing
Hewlett Packard HP Plus 125 (BPI Software)
Hewlett Packard HP 86, HP 87 (Peachtree Software)
Hilltop Enterprises
Howe Software
IBM PC (Peachtree)
IBM PC (Peachpak 4)
IBM System 23 Datamaster
IBM System 32
IBM System 34
IBM System 34 MAPICS
IBM System 36 DMAS
IBM "Business Management Series"
IBM - Business Advisor Series
IBM - Accounting Assistant Series
IBM - Business Management Accounting Series
ICM Computer Systems
Idea Computers, Inc.
Info Designs (Commodore)
Info Designs - Info Team
International Micro Sytems
Intuit "Quicken" (Ver. 4.0, 5.0, 6.0)
Intuit "Quicken" - Quick Books
James River Group (Accounting for Micros)
James River Group (Open for Business I & II)
James River Group (Desktop Accountant)
KBS (Contractor's Job Cost)
Key Management, Inc.
Key Systems, Inc.
Lake Avenue
Landmark Data Systems
Layered, Inc.
Libra Programming
Lytle Research Systems (Ver. 1.0)

Macola for Windows
MAG, Inc.
MAI "Basic Four"
Management Software Systems, Inc.
Manzananita "The Business Accountant"
Marinchip Systems, Ltd.
Mark/Donn Associates
MAS 90 (State of the Art)
MAS 90 for Windows
MAS90 for Windows
MAS 200
Maven Business Systems
MBA (Micro Business Application)
MCBA (Hewlett Packard - Cobol II)
MCBA (Texas Instruments - Cobol)
MCBA (Wang - Cobol)
McBee Checks
McBee Checks and Forms
MECA "Managing Your Money"
MECA Managing Your Money (DOS) 10-12
MECA Managing Your Money For Windows
MECA Managing Your Money For MAC
MECA "One Write Plus"
Micro Associates "MICA"
Micro Business Applications
Micro Mikes
Microsoft Business Solutions
Microsoft Money
Microsoft Money Deluxe & Business
Microsoft Profit
Money Counts
MYOB (Bestware) Vsn. 4.0 - 6.0 (Mac or Windows)
MYOB Accounting For MAC
MYOB Accounting For Windows
MYOB Accounting Plus
MYOB Accounting Premier
MYOB Premier & AccountingEdge For MAC
Micro Plus (Accounting Plus)
Microcomputer Consultants
Migent (In House Accountant)
Minicomp Business Systems
Mitex, Inc.
Monogram "Dollars & Sense"
Montour Computer Systems, Inc.
National Information Consultants
NEBS Form Magic & Form Filling (Vsn 1.0 - 4.0)
Nepenthe Programs
Nor - Cal Programming
Oakley Systems
"The Officer"
One-Write Plus DOS & Windows thru (Vsn.7)
One-Write Pus 5.0 - 8.0 Windows
One-Write Plue 4.6 (DOS)
Open Systems (Ver. 2.0)
Open Systems (Ver. 3.0)
Open Systems (Ver. 3.3)
Open Systems (Ver. 4.0 - 5.0)
Open Systems "Open for Business"
Open Systems "Harmony Integrated"
Open Systems Harmony 1.0
Open Systems Harmony 2.0
Open Systems OSAS 5.2 And Higher
Open Systems Traverse
Oregon Computer
Pacioli 2000
Pacioli 2000 Accounting For Dos
Pacioli 2000 Accounting For Windows
Pacioli 2000 Payroll For Windows
Paciloi 3000 e-Business For Windows
Pacioli Payroll For DOS
Pathway Software
Parsons Technology "Moneycounts" 9.0 and Windows
Peachtree 2000
Peachtree 2002
Peachtree For MAC (Apple Computer)
Peachtree Accounting for DOS (Vsn 8.0 - 10.0)
Peachtree (Series 4, 5, 4)
Peachtree Accounting For Windows
Peachtree Accounting For Windows 8.0, 2002, 2003
Peachtree (Accounting for Windows - Release 1 & 2)
Peachtree (Accounting for Windows - Release 3, 3.5, 4.0)
Peachtree Classic Accounting 13.0
Peachtree Classic (DOS) 12.0 and 13.0
Peachterr ePeachtree 3.0
Peachtree First Accounting for Windows
Peachtree First Accounting 2002, 2003
Peachtree (Back to Basics)
Peachtree (Business Accounting Series)
Peachtree (Complete Business Accounting System I, II)
Peachtree (Complete Business Accounting System III - Ver. 5.0 - 8.0)
Peachtree Complere Accounting For Windows 8.0, 2002, 2003
Peachtree Complete Accounting Plus Time & Billing
Peachtree Complete Accounting For Windows
Peachtree (Insight)
Peachtree Office Accounting
Peachtree (One-Write Plus)
Peachtree (Peachpack 4)
Photo One (Vsn 5.17)
Plain & Simple Software
Precision Software Corp. (NH)
Precision Software Corp. (TX)
Profit (Sage)
Profit Gold (Sage)
Quickdata (Telecomputing Corp.)
Quicken (Ver. 4.0, 5.0, 6.0) (Intuit)
Quickbooks  & Quick Books Pro (Intuit)
Quickbooks 2000 - 2004
Quickbooks Pro 2000 - 2004
Quickbooks Basic 2000 - 2004
"RAD" (Reality Accounting Dimensions)
Radfio Shack (TRS - 80)
"Rags to Riches" (Chang Labs)
RealWorld (Ver. 2.1)
RealWorld (Ver. 3.0, 3.1)
RealWorld (Ver. 4.0)
RealWorld (Ver. 5.0)
RealWorld (Ver. 6.0, 6.5, 7.0)
RealWorld (4 in 1 Basic Accounting)
RealWorld Accounting Series
RealWorld Classic Accounting
RealWorld Expertise
RealWorld (Point of Sale Plus)
RealWorld (Practical Accounting)
Red Wing Business System
Redwing Champion - Controller Accounting 9.1 - 11.0
Realworld Pas Plus
Redwing Profit
Redwing Profit Gold
Reitchert Digital Systems
Rocky Mountain Software Systems (UT)
Rocky Mountain Software Systems (CA) "Desk Top Accountant"
RTG Data Systems
S & M Systems
Safeguard checks
Safeguard Checks and Forms
Sage (Businessworks and Businessworks Gold)
Sage (MAS90, MAS90 for windows, MAS200)
SBT Accounts Receivable
SBT: Series 6, Series 7 and Series 8 (All Versions)
SBT: Series 6 (Versions 6.2 and greater), Series 7 (All Versions)
SBT: Professional Series (Version 1.1 or greater)
SBT: Professional Series (Version 2.0 or greater)
SPT Pro Series (now AccPac)
SBT Visionpoint (now Accpac)
Seako, Inc.
Sentry Software Systems
SFA Enterprises
Silver Plus
Simply Accounting (Mac and Windows Versions)
Small Business Systems Group
SMC "Thoroughbred"
Software Dimensions "Accounting Plus"
Software Dimensions "The Landlord"
Software Products International
Software Shop Systems
Software Technology for Computers
Solid Software
Solomon II (TLB, Inc.)
Solomon III and IV (TLB, Inc.)
Solomon IV and V
Solomon "Profit Wise" (Ver. 1.1)
Sourcemate Info Systems "Accountmate"
Sourcemate Info Systems "Accountmate" (Ver. 2)
Sourcemate Info Systems "Accountmate" (Ver. 3.0)
Southern Solutions
Southware Innovations
Star Software (Accounting Partner Plus 3 Accounting Series)
Star Software (Invoice Partner)
Star Software (Network Accounting System)
Star Software (Property Management)
State of the Art, Inc.
State of the Art (Business Works for Windows and DOS)
State of the Art (Business Works Gold)
State of the Art (MAS 90/Evolution 2)
State of the Art ( MAS 200)
Structured Systems Group
Superior Software Corporation
Synergetic Computer Systems
Systems Plus "Books, The Electronic Ledger"
Systems Unlimited
Tailored Data, Inc.
Taranto & Associates
TBSC, Inc.
TCS Software
Thoughtware Publishing "Data Train"
Timberline Gold
Timberline "MAC"
Timberline "Medallion"
TOM "The Office Manager"
Turning Point Software "Time is Money"
United American Data Systems
Universal Computing Systems, Inc.
Victory Systems "Accounting Series"
Wayman & Associates
Westware, Inc.
Woodbury Computer Associates
Your CPA


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