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Laser Checks, Continuous Checks, One-Write Checks, Voucher Checks,  Personal Checks,  3 On-A-Page Checks, Business Checks. 

The Supreme Court has ruled that you must take care, or exercise "due diligence" to secure your financial check documents. If it can be proven that you did not, you may be held liable for losses - not your financial institution.

Form-Masters has a broad array of standard check security features, both visible and hidden, that aid in deterring potential check fraud. Color copying, scanning, laser printing and desktop publishing are the tools of today's counterfeiters. They're extremely effective, and most everyone has access to them. Specify Form-Master's checks and begin building your first line of defense against document fraud.

The Standard "Plus" program includes all of  the 11 standard features of the Standard program along with the extra benefit of additional security features within the 25# Boise Check Protect™ Safety stock. These include: Artificial Watermark, Chemical Void and Tonergrip™. Call us for information at 1-800-395-367

Check Security Features:

Security features for Laser Checks, Laser Business Checks, Continuous Checks, One-Write Checks

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